What Can I Do For You?

IMG_0345I’ve been doing some ministry lately via Skype and Face Time. I used to do quite a lot through instant messaging and have done some over the phone. Skype and FaceTime is working really well and people are really happy with the results. Everyone always says the same thing immediately after a session – that they feel lighter. I almost always hear from them a few days or weeks later and they often tell me they feel happier, better able to cope with things. Sometimes they’re eager for another session; for some, one session does the trick. They come to me unable to rid themselves of guilt, or anger, or sadness. They’re wounded through neglect, rejection, abuse, trauma (physical or otherwise). Some have physical ailments attached to their emotional injuries which sometimes lessen or disappear altogether once the background issues are resolved. It’s extremely rewarding to see the change that comes over people during a session. They even look different. I’ve watched countless faces turn from ashen to glowing in only a few minutes. For one woman, after about a 30 minute session, even her hair looked better! Her friends were amazed at the immediate change.

If it sounds like I’m bragging, let me say that I really don’t know what I’m doing, but the Creator does, and I do know how to listen to the Creator’s voice. And it’s not even necessary for you to believe there is a Creator to be be helped.

If you would like to see what a session with me might do for you, let me know. You have nothing to lose by it. The service is free; I will never ask you for money or anything else (well, maybe a testimonial). I can provide a link for donations, but that would be totally up to you. I travel all over the country (soon, the world) offering these services at no charge. The donations help to get me there.  (Note: On May 5, I and my partner in ministry, Phil Wyman will be traveling to Iceland and the UK. This is a seven week missions/ministry trip after which we return to the States for some more planned outreach events, including Burning Man and Haunted Happenings in Salem, MA, where we live. Any donations we receive help to make this happen. We typically go broke doing these things, and I’m not complaining. My only complaint is that we can’t do more. Your contribution, however small, will help me do more. Just know that if you need help, there is no requirement or obligation).

Feel free to contact me. I’d love to meet with you.


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I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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The Days Are Evil, God Is Good

Last night I was meditating a bit and began to be conscious of the depth of corruption and evil in the world. Several examples paraded through my mind, not as pictures, but just as a more-than-usual awareness.

I am not troubled by evil for my own sake. Like Brother Lawrence, I’m surprised there isn’t more of it, considering what my own heart is capable of. I’m not troubled, because I’ve taken shelter in God. What I am troubled by are the victims, those oppressed, denied justice, etc., and knowing that others have not taken shelter there.

If I am a prophet, as some have said that I am, and if I have a life message to share, it is this: That there is an answer to the terrible evil in the world. There is a proper response to it for me and for you, and it is in that very shelter that I mentioned. That shelter is found through pursuing intimacy with God through His Son, Jesus, the Anointed One. It is the secret place that Psalm 91 describes (read this psalm in the Amplified Bible. It’s awesome!).

In one sense, intimacy with God is a hiding place, but not a place to bury your face and ignore. It is a place to commune – to be one- with your Creator, to find your center and identity. It is like a headquarters from which to go out out and be who you are created to be.

I leave you with a few scriptures for further meditation.
Micah, chapter 7; Isaiah chapter 26; Matthew 24:32-51; Song of Solomon 2:10-17.