Are Mothers God’s Eyes?

My mom just told me a story that touched me deeply.

She called just now, having read my blog post from yesterday, to tell me she doesn’t think I’m crazy. I think she’s lying (Just kidding, Mom!).

Then she reminded me of something that happened when I was six or seven. We lived in a rough area of York, Pennsylvania. I attended a Catholic school and went to the Catholic church, and I walked maybe eight blocks to both.

On one Holy Day, I was walking to church alone. I had already been beaten up by other kids once or twice while walking to church, and this day, some kids called to me from across the street, telling me to come over. I knew they wanted to beat me up.

My mom told me, “You ran away. But you didn’t run home. You ran to church. From that moment on, I knew that religion would be a big part of your life”.

Amazing, the things moms know.


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