2016 Festival Missions!

IMG_2305We are already (already!? We shoulda started this last year!) putting together our 2016 calendar and are looking for team members. We need to immediately (if not sooner!) get some folks to join us for Burning Nest, Port Talbot, Wales, May 25-31. We established a strong presence there last year. If you’re following our weird adventures, you may already know that our vision is to plant churches at transformational festivals.

Festival missions is not for everyone. Being immersed in counter culture gatherings can be a shock for many Christians. But if you’re comfortable around weird people – it helps if you’re a little weird yourself! this might be just the thing for you. The only requirement is the ability to love these entirely lovable folks.

The next batch of tickets goes on sale later this month (January), so please respond immediately! Send me an e-mail at huxleydennis@gmail.com, or FB message me.

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