Don’t Read This. Really.

Too much hate, people. Too much hate.

Conservatives who hate liberals. Democrats who hate Republicans. Blacks who hate whites. Whites who hate blacks who stand up for themselves. Christians are hated for being Christian, Muslims are hated for what they might do. There are people who hate all cops because some cops are bad. There are people who hate people who hate that there are bad cops. Hate, hate, hate. You want a better world and you think those you hate stand in the way. What do you suggest we do with those, in order to save the world? Should we kill them? Forced re-education? Internment? What if our tyrants – oops, I mean rulers – tell us some must die to save the planet? Or the Nation? Will you grieve and agree? What is your answer?

Hypocritically, I’m beginning to hate those who hate. And even before that, I find hate in myself. I hate people who won’t listen, who won’t dialogue, who maintain what I consider to be erroneous opinions despite strong evidence against them. And I’m certain I do this too.

You know what is the basis of hate? Fear. If you hate – if I hate – then we are afraid.

We need braver people. And bravery is an inevitable by-product of love. I wonder if I have it in me. I wonder if you do.

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