A Most Excellent Week

This past week, I drove down to NC to be with my friend Jeff, an overseas missionary who has returned to the states. Jeff had a commitment to teach some YWAM students and staff about prophetic ministry and I accompanied him there. The teaching was excellent and on Friday we took about eighteen students and staff to a local community college to do minister prophetic blessings, words of knowledge, etc. They were all amazed at how easy and fun this kind of ministry can be, and at how open people were to receiving it.

This was a great group of people. I was filled with hope for the future of the Body because of them. I watched an introverted, tiny young woman named Gabby approach a large, somewhat scary guy whose body language clearly said, “Stay away!” She and Corey spent a lot of time with him and his demeanor visibly changed. They both prayed with him. I was standing a distance away, watching. The man was obviously appreciative and was smiling broadly when we left him.

As we walked around campus looking for people to minister to, Corey felt we should walk through a parking garage. I thought, well, what the heck? Who knows what could happen in a parking garage? We approached two young woman and asked them if they would like a “free blessing”. One said yes. As we blessed them, we each received words of knowledge for her and for her friend. As it turned out, they were both believers who were discussing how discouraged they each were in their faith. We spent maybe an hour with them. Corey and Gabby had great things to say to them. I was able to walk both of them through some inner healing. It felt like we were with lifelong friends when we, sadly, had to part and go on our way.

We had many other wonderful encounters with people that day, and heard similar great stories from the others who were all walking around in groups of two or three. One could easily write a small book from the events of that one day and it would be really encouraging reading. Maybe we should do that!

Prophetic evangelism is easy, it’s fun and it’s fruitful. Each of these people regularly practiced evangelism, but not quite like this. This is the kind of ministry I do, and if you’re interested in making a difference this way, I can show you how. We’re planning our festival schedule for next year and are looking for team members who might be interested in going with us to one or more festivals. Stay tuned, or contact me. My training style is mostly OJT (on the job).

My friend Jeff is also available to come and teach groups. He is an excellent teacher. If you are a pastor or other leader who would like to see your people on fire for evangelism, he’s your man. Contact me, I can put you in touch

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