Wanted: Adventurers and Crazy People

IMG_2981Wow! What a year!

Well, Burning Man 2015 is over. Up until now, I’ve taken that mission a year at a time. There have always been so many unknowns, so much expense and so much work and planning involved that one step at a time seemed to be the best approach. The destruction of the dome in the almost unrelenting high winds is largely the catalyst that has got me thinking more long term about my future there. The dome was really useful on a lot of levels – as kitchen space, a place to hang out, and a place to offer hospitality to others, which often resulted in ministry happening right in our camp in an informal approach (though the ministry was often quite deep).

I went alone this year. That also made me aware of my need to plan and make decisions.

So the dome needs to be replaced with…something. With what? It depends. I don’t expect to go alone again, but last year it was just three of us and the year before, just four. The little 20′ PVC dome was great for us. But what if we want to take a larger team?

So the main thing I need to know, upon which how to plan depends, is, can we get a team to go, and how big of a team?

So this is a preliminary call for team members. We need reasonably healthy people, including some who are good with building and tools. No ministry experience is necessary. We will train you. It isn’t even necessary that you be a Christian. If you want to be a part and contribute to what we’re doing, we have stuff for you to do. We need people who can embody the Ten Principles of Burning Man (Look them up. Self reliance is one of them).

Beyond Burning Man

But Burning Man is not the only thing we do. We have a vision to plant churches at festivals. I’ve written about why this is important in other blog posts, but in a nutshell (a) the world is being changed at these festivals and (b) festival goers are spiritual seekers and are open to spiritual discussions. We potentially established churches at three festivals in the UK this past summer.

So we hope to build a pool of people who are interested in participating in this vision. You may have been part of some leader’s vision in the past where you basically were locked into what that leader’s vision was, but our methodology is different. We want people to join us, and support the vision with their own vision, creativity, and ideas.

If this interests you, we’d like to hear from you. Here is a link where you can get on a list to receive e-mails. You can also follow this blog. I also have a FB page by the same name, My Foolish Mission.

Even if you feel you can’t travel to these festivals, there is a LOT you may be able to do: You can pray! You can help get the word out. There may be things that need to be built, costumes to make, etc. Words of encouragement are really helpful! Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

5 Comments on “Wanted: Adventurers and Crazy People”

  1. crazy43kids@gmail.com says:

    Send this to Kaitlin ,,, I’ll look for her email

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Papy! says:

    I am praying (every year!!) about going with you! 2016!! … I hope 😉

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  3. Martha Pirkle says:

    I’m intrigued since I’m a world adventurer and radical Christian for my precious Jesus. I’m 67 and going strong, just finished GCTS seminary, been to 23 countries and LOVE evangelism. I’m retired and ready for new horizons. Please put me on your email list, I may join you. I live in Franklin, NH, got your email through Hilary Davis.

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