Burning Man 2015; The Man Burns in 22 Days!!!!

I’ve been so busy working and preparing for Burning Man, I haven’t written anything for far too long. God has blessed me with enough work so that I have almost enough to pay for the whole trip, which means I (hopefully) won’t have to put any more on a credit card.

This year, I’m traveling alone to Burning Man. Sadly, my friend and fellow trouble maker, Phil Wyman can’t go. No other former Burning Man team members are going either, although my good friend, Jim Hogue, from San Diego, will be there, camping in the same village, but doing different things. It’ll be great to hang out with him.

Also, I’ll be joined by a new friend, Jennifer Ann Bergman, a six-time burner who contacted us earlier about joining us. We’ll be doing some ministry stuff out of our 20′ dome.

Since I always want to change up slightly what I do out there, this year I’m focusing on hospitality. I want to create a IMG_1079safe and inviting space where the weary, lost, hurting, angry, whatever, can come and get what they need, whether it’s someone to talk to, or peace and quiet – whatever. This isn’t totally unlike what we do all the time there. I’m just adjusting the emphasis. Whatever hospitality (love they neighbor) calls for, I want to provide it.

Of course there will also be inner healing, dream interpretation, etc. I understand Jennifer does prophetic art. We’re going to be in a busier area this year, just one block off the Esplanade, with is like BRC’s main boulevard. I’m expecting to be quite busy.

If you’re praying for me, add my old car to your list! It’s got 156,000 mies on it and as usual will be pulling a trailer, which will get heavy once I pick up the stuff from the storage unit in Fallon, NV. It’s another 3 hours to BRC from there. Pray for me too! Instead of blasting through with 50 hours of straight driving, I’m driving 12 hours a day and taking 5 days. Ah! That sounds good!

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