If Only I Could Minister Too

131292193_11nThe Glory of God, which shames the devil, is that God works His purposes through imperfect, messy, broken vessels.

Do you ever feel you’re not ready for “real” ministry? Do you ever feel you’ve messed up so bad that God can’t possibly use you?

For nearly thirty years that I was involved in institutional “church”, I kept attempting to persuade whatever pastor I was “under” to get the people to go out into the streets and into the community to do “the stuff” – you know, like the early church did. I always got the same answer, which was some variation on, “Great idea, but the people aren’t ready”. I used to wonder, since the church revolved around the pastor, if the people weren’t ready to do what the bible clearly said we could do, whose fault was it? But I digress. (I might better have wondered why it took me thirty years to squirm out of that system)

Anyway, what I am absolutely certain of after eight or nine years of formal outreach ministry is that YOU are ready! I don’t care if you’ve been a Christian for five minutes (Once, we accidentally put someone who had actually COME IN for ministry to work ministering. It was a case of mistaken identity. She did pretty good).

In the circles I operate in, we don’t really question much what a person is like or what their theology is before we’re willing to put them to work. If they want to serve, we let them serve. We don’t even care if they’re “saved”. If we see they have the Holy Spirit, we KNOW they’re ready, right now!. About the only thing I want to know is, are they legalists? Are they Pharisees? If not, great! I have seen people who had no idea they even COULD minister become capable at it in five minutes, with just a little coaching. And I have seen legalists start to become more fluid in their thinking in an afternoon (yeah, it takes them a little longer).

I operate mostly in inner healing ministry, and so I know many others who operate in the same kind of ministry. Trust me, we are ALL broken, chaotic messes who sometimes wonder how we made it through certain days without destroying the Northern Hemisphere. That’s kind of how we got into healing ministry. And yet, God uses us powerfully. Powerfully!

Frankly, we’ll accept just about anyone who wants to minister with us. Do you want to go where we go? If you can get yourself there, you can probably go, if we have room for you. But you don’t need us. You can minister right where you are. In fact, you probably already are. You only need to BE. It’s not always necessary to DO.

One of our hopes is to create a training center where we can develop teams of people to go and do what we do. We are currently planting churches in transformational festivals. If a training center seems contradictory to what I’ve said here, what I mean is, we want what we do to be multiplied many times over. This mission field is too big for just us. We want to equip and send dozens, even hundreds, of teams into it. This field is REALLY white unto harvest.

Do you want to be a part? Trust me: You are ready.

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  1. Mike Crockett says:

    cool! : )


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