How The Light Gets In: Hay-onWye

IMG_2391How The Light Gets In is a philosophy and music festival held in the amazingly charming and beautiful Welsh town of Hay-on-Wye. It is the second of the three festivals Phil and I went to the UK for. We volunteered as stewards, which mostly involved crowd control. This allowed us to attend lectures, camp, and get one meal per day for free. Phil knows philosophy, but I don’t, so I was unsure of whether I would have much effective ministry there.

Well, I did some. Phil, or course, had plenty of meaningful discussions with people, but I can’t really speak about them because mostly only observed them rather than participating.

The very first lecture I attended was interactive, that is, the lecturer invited participation. She presented a series of moral dilemmas and asked what we would do if presented with such a dilemma. I stayed mostly quiet until I was called on randomly. I said that I was a Christian and gave my opinion based on my faith. I was surprised by the response; a lot of people, including the lecturer were intrigued, and I subsequently was asked my opinion several more times. After the lecture, two atheists and a young Christian woman who was struggling with her faith cornered me (there were also three others who stayed and listened to the ensuing conversation but they only listened). The two atheists were well versed in the bible and in the standard Christian apologetics. The Christian woman felt the bible was not believable. None of them disagreed with me completely. The atheists were especially gracious, asked intelligent questions and really listened (as opposed to only thinking how to respond). It was a great conversation! It was clear that I contributed to their thoughts about the subject matter from the lecture. The Christian woman’s objections were answered brilliantly! Does that seem egotistical? Well. Let me tell you that I was surprised at my answers, and went away sure that the Holy Spirit had intervened. The gift of the Word of Wisdom? That would explain it. I know I’m not that smart!.

There was a man who had a couple pints with Phil and I after a lecture on science, magic and the inexplicable (or something like that). We spoke for a long time, during which I thought we were talking with a guy whose faith was in science (he is a biologist). He had said nothing to indicate he is a believer. But he is! He is a guy who is disenfranchised with church, and has left church to hang out with neighbors and other in the community in order to BE Christ to them. He told us he wants to do what we do. We told hime he is welcome to join us anytime!

Next year, we plan to take a team of maybe 6-8 more people there. We’ll do prophetic ministry – inner healing, etc – like we do at other festivals. Phil will lead Cigar and Philosophy events. We’ll explore building something and burning it, as well as other carnivalesque type things we might come up with. This is a different kind of festival and we’re excited about the possibilities and the impact we are sure to have.

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