Thanks, Mario, For The Feedback

IMG_2273I recently interpreted a dream for Mario Štajduhar, a new friend. He provided this feedback, which makes me look really good! I present it unapologetically here, although, for the record, the credit goes to Jesus, who has entrusted me with a gift I don’t deserve.
The “3 other answers” he mentions are from others who offered their own interpretations for his dream.

“Hello. Thank you very much for answering my question. 3 other answers are nice, but superficial, those 3 answers are something I expected and that’s where my mind was stuck. But your answer showed me to the other direction. It seems to me that you got me really precisely. Now I am really confused and don’t know what to make of it. And I am shocked that you could observe that about leadership and energy from just few written words. In fact, you got it all right! I would really like to know how you did it. That is definitely not some Jungian dream reading or those others simple dream readings.

After writing all this I put it on hold and went to check you on facebook to maybe get some answers, because there was too many questions in my head. Unfortunately (or fortunately) now I have 10x more questions in my head! Pffff. Let me ask one that i can’t get around. In fact, that question is bothering me for too long now (maybe 5 years or more). I see that you are a man of Christ (I believe in Christ more then anything else) and yet, you like burning man and that other spiritual things that church strongly disapprove  (I like all spiritual things as well, and i have nothing against any religion). I would like to know how do you mix all that up in your conception of the world? I am trying to accomplish that all the time, and I am sure that somewhere is the answer to that, but people around me are so stubborn that I can’t get there.”

After years of doing this kind of ministry, I’m continually amazed at the level of insight and even healing that is often realized through the Spirit of Truth using prophetic ministry.

Of course, the answer to his question about why I go to places that many church folk disapprove of is that I go where Jesus sends me. He’s always there ahead of me anyway.

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