Thank You!

Well, my great UK adventure is ended, sort of. In a very real way, it will never be over. What the trip will mean for future missions and the impact they might have on the world is a story not yet written.

I’ll be writing a few blog posts about my adventures, the things that happened, the things I learned, and the plans for the future in the days ahead. For now, I just want to thank some of the people who helped make it happen, as well as those who who were so hospitable and made it so memorable.

To Mark and Anthea Searle, of Cheltanham, the teammates we didn’t realize were teammates. They put us up at two different points in the trip, actively helped us acquire both building materials and camping supplies, borrowed the large tent for us, which served as our ministry tent, carted us around (Anthea drove us all the way to Hereford at one point), and blessed us financially; We’ve been friends for years, but your outpouring toward us was, among other things, a huge encouragement, knowing you had that much confidence in what we were doing.

To Phil. It would have been a humdrum trip without his crazy ideas and leadership. Actually, without him, there would have been no trip at all.

To Dee, our London contingent. Her experience and effectiveness in ministry are unparalleled. She made us all look good! She also purchased and brought with her all the materials for decorating the ministry tent, which is absolutely essential to creating a healing, peaceful environment. And, she brought with her…

…Hope Deifell, who has over the years been such an amazing organizer and leader I’m almost afraid to do festival ministry without her! Her quiet contribution, ideas, etc., are invaluable, and her gift of mercy bring healing and comfort to the wounded who come to us for ministry.

To those who helped us so much at Nest; Beave, Lee, and especially Charlie from Cardiff (and others too many to remember). Each of these guys, in the process of creating Nest, sometimes went without their own tools in order to loan them to us. Charlie also put us up in Cardiff. Later, he came to Stonehenge with his friends, Olivia, Owain, and Gareth (sorry about the spellings), and included us in their trip to Avebury, giving us a much needed ride to Swindon as well. Charlie is a knowledgeable and interesting guide of both present day Cardiff and the neolithic activity in the UK.

To Ann and Chris Addison and their family, who we met at How The Light Gets In, the philosophy festival at Hay-On-Wye. What gracious and hospitable people! We had only just met them when they asked us to spend a couple days with them. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them, the conversation, and the tour that Chris took us on. Love you guys!

To Sera Owen, our good friend from Caernarfon, and her partner, Ewan (who really does look like Tom Cruise :-)). You guys were amazing. We felt so comfortable in your home. Thanks for showing us the old slate mines, the rocks that Charles Darwin visited, the music, the trip to the beach- it was one of the great highlights of the trip. And thanks to Sera’s mom, Maria. Wonderful lady, and a great cook! Maria’s friend, Stewart, came and rescued us at one point when we missed the last bus from Caernarfon to Sera’s and Ewan’s place, and is a great guy.

Mike Stygal and his wife Jules of London put us up at their place at two different points. They were really helpful with info about how to get around, they bought us some of the best take out food (three times!) that I have ever had, and are such interesting people. I loved our time there.

Gwyn Jones, a local seer/mystic, took us on an amazing tour of many of the prehistoric burial mounds, celtic churches and holy wells on Anglesy. Another terrific and interesting guy. Afterward, he took us to his house, where his wife Mary, had a great barbecue waiting.

I know I must be leaving people out of this list. It was a long trip and I met a LOT really wonderful people. All I can say is, I apologize to those I failed to mention. My life is the richer for all the people I interacted with. I know I’ll see many of you again.

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