Staying Focused

So we had an encounter with a young man while we were still in Caernarfon (we’re in Cardiff now) that is illustrative of the need to be patient and flexible in how you interact with people.
We had attended a little concert in which a friend of Phil’s was playing. After the concert, he and a couple of his friends invited us to have a pint with them at the Anglesy, a pub attached to the city wall next to the castle. The young man to whom I referred was an engaging and knowledgeable guy and we were having some very interesting conversation. After three pints, which was one more than I wanted, the little party broke up, and this young man invited us to the Black Boy for another pint. We obliged, because you know you just don’t decline invitations when you intend to do outreach.
Phil and I were really nursing this fourth pint and about halfway through it, the man, who knew we are Jesus people, started talking and asking about matters of faith. He had not been walking with Jesus, though, like many in Wales, he was brought up going to church. Now he had a lovely wife and a precious little girl and was feeling the lack of spiritual life, and unsure whether Christianity could provide it. Our conversation all afternoon had been really rousing, but now it became even more substantive as we addressed matters of eternal destiny.
We talked for a long time, and our friend was really listening quite intently. At some point, he realised he needed to go home and expressed a desire to meet again to talk about this.
We didn’t meet again but we will stay in touch. I pray he surrenders to the lover of his soul.
Ya gotta be in this for the long haul!

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