The Invasion of Burning Nest, or, The Holy Fools stumble onstage

imageSo Phil and I arrived at the Burning Nest site May 15, three days before the festival officially started, to help the Burning Nest peeps with set up and to build our Told Booth art project. We rented a van to get the building materials and the ministry tent, graciously loaned to us by friends of friends who didn’t even know us. I had to return the van to Swansea and walk back, which turned out to be an all day ordeal. I walked for almost five hours that day. But hey, whatever it takes.

Nest folks were pleased that two Americans would come to Wales and work so hard to help them with their festival, and the art project generated a lot of interest. No one had really built an art project for burning at this festival, other than the official effigy and the temple.

Hope and Dee arrived on Thursday and immediately began setting up the ministry tent and making it beautiful. Ministry began the following day. Meanwhile, people had already been going through the Told Booth and writing things they had been “told” that had taken a “toll” on their lives. The healing effect of this began as people voiced things they may not have ever voiced before. In the ministry tent, we continually watched people being set free of bondages and emotional wounds. Some of the most intense healing sessions I had ever experienced happened at this event. One man had trouble entering into healing, and all three of us were moved to tears, sensing his pain. But then something in him came to life (something, AKA the Holy Spirit) and he was marvellously set free. In the days that followed, whenever we’d see him, his hard, angry look was replaced by a peaceful expression.


Another man, who I had been talking a lot with, had a permanent, exaggerated grin on his face. I invited him to come and see us, as he was obviously hiding some great pain behind this pleasant facade. He did come, and in another very intense encounter, lost the need for this armor. We became friends, and while he was always smiling in the days following, it was a relaxed and genuine smile.

There were many other excellent encounters, and we began to hear reports all over the festival as people told others about their encounters. We stayed busy all the time as a result.

The burning of our art project was an amazing burn! We’ve become really good at burning stuff and our burn was more impressive than the effigy burn, which was about the same size.

so we achieved what we intended there. We made an impact in the festival, people got set free, and they know who we are. This is important because our plan is to return next year and establish a spiritual community with Christ at the Center to more thoroughly minister to the spiritual needs there. Among our preliminary plans are to have a daily morning meditation, and a more mystical exercise in the evenings. More plans will likely be forthcoming. We also help to have a larger team and this is in the works now.

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