28 Days

encounters under the Tree of LifeThe planning continues! We have made contacts in Iceland which include some YWAM peeps and a guy who is familiar with all the festivals there, so, although we love shooting in the dark, we may be making some more targeted excursions in Iceland, and maybe even have a little help as well. Friends in the UK are helping in a HUGE way by offering their hospitality and hunting down supplies for us. It is really coming together! We have ideas for several different activities, plus ongoing ministry, which we are sure will impact nearly every attendee at Burning Nest as well as Burning Nest itself as a festival. The solstice celebration at Stonehenge is likewise a very familiar sort of event for us and we expect to be VERY busy ministering God’s love to sincere spiritual seekers. The philosophy festival at Hay on Wye in Wales is a different sort of venue, but philosophy is Phil’s fortè (one of them, anyway) and he has done things in the past which will fit right in there. I’ve been known to insert questions into philosophy discussions (though I know almost nothing about philosophy) that make even astute thinkers go “Hmm”. But we’re thinking quite beyond the immediate impact of our time at each of these places. We have in mind something more permanent and reliable, but nomadic, for lack of a better word, like the festivals themselves. Stay tuned! This story is going to grow.

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