5d7de816-8faa-492b-a131-3666599fe17cIf you’ve been following my FB posts or my blog you know that my co-troublemaker, Phil, and I are headed overseas for some ministry/outreach. What you might not know is, Phil is sick! Well, we’re both “sick”, or so people tell us, but that’s not what I mean. I know what you’re thinking. He’s in-the-hospital sick. We trust he’s getting well and will recover completely, but he’s going to need a total of 6 weeks of IV antibiotics and that 6 week period will be finished maybe 48 hours before we leave for Iceland!


(Yes, that’s an emoticon)

Needless to say, this creates a few problems vis a vis the upcoming trip, not to mention some for Phil personally.

We need prayer!!! Specifically for Phil’s health. A few miracles are needed. The infection needs to be completely gone. He needs protection from any sort of reaction to antibiotics. Phil’s physical heart needs a miraculous healing. Those are numero uno.

Of secondary importance, but crucial to this trip, we need God to take care of quite a few details that we neither have the time or the resources to deal with. I won’t bore you with a list of them (I can’t even foresee all of them!). Some of them will be surprises when they occur, to me anyway.

With Phil unable to devote as much time to this project as he otherwise would have, our fund raising efforts are hampered. We have the airline tickets. We have the festival tickets, camping reservations, etc. paid for. I personally have (almost) enough money put aside to cover bills while I’m gone. I thought about breaking down anticipated expenses for this letter, but that seems antithetical to the level of faith this requires us to walk in. That being said, the fact is, we do need money!

I feel like we need those who have been such loving supporters (and those who might want to be) of Phil and The Gathering to rejoice with us, raising a hilarious cry to heaven for all He is going to do to make these outreaches successful, because this is bigger than just the immediate outreaches this summer. We’re trying to start trouble — oops, I mean, a movement! We’re trying to start a movement here!

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