Time is Short!

297469_10150295591196641_576766640_8236298_1479543168_n“He will not fight or shout or raise his voice in public.” –Matt 12:19

in two months Phil Wyman, Hope Deifell and myself will be traveling to the U.K. where we’ll be joined by Dee Cunniffe of England for the first of our summer outreaches. For seven years I’ve been traveling all over the U.S. doing prophetic and healing ministry at large festivals and small coffee shops. In every place I have ministered, there is always a line of people waiting to receive a touch from God, and virtually all of them do. It’s truly amazing how open and hungry people are to receive from God. Very often, people wander into our tents, or wherever we’re set up, and tell us they could sense the peace even from outside and just knew they had to come.

encounters under the Tree of Life


That’s why the street preachers with their bull horns and offensive ways are so puzzling. Why would anyone want to do that, when people are so open? Why put up walls? What is to be gained by offending people?


             NOT GOOD!

Thankfully, I’ve been taught a better way by those who broke ground that I get to benefit from. It is the way of Grace, with which God has dealt with me. So, I, and those from whom I learned, extend Grace to others. The results speak for themselves: people who had no belief in God go away knowing God cares for them, usually after hearing His voice for themselves. They forgive those they previously could not forgive. They’re healed of trauma and terrible hurts. They feel lighter, more free.

The four of us will minister at Burning Nest, a festival in Wales. Phil and I will go on to Hay on Wye, a philosophy and poetry festival, also in Wales, and then to a Pagan festival revolving around the Solstice at Stonehenge. We know these types of events and the people who attend them. We’re expecting great things.

You can read Phil’s excellent article on this type of evangelism/outreach here:

If you would like to help make this happen, we would love to have your help. Prayers are definitely needed!
You can make donations here: http://www.salemgathering.org/donate
In the comment box, type “festival missions”, or my name.

Thanks, and may God bless you richly!

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