Transformational Festivals Need Missionaries

Since a large part of my ministry is to transformational festivals, I’ve provided a link so those unfamiliar with them can get a taste of what they’re about: The following quote is from website: “Part 3 of The Bloom looks at the “New Ways Of the Sacred” that have emerged in Transformational Festivals, including how they are re-instilling a sense of MYTHOS for participants; engaging a renewed exploration of RITUAL and Ceremony as an aspect of community experience; and synthesizing an authentic spiritual culture reflective of our unique time and potential that experiences and honors THE SACRED as a community without dogma, doctrine or charismatic gurus.” (italics added) I realize I could be burned at the stake for this (figuratively speaking), but we as Christians could learn much from other religious movements, including emerging ones. I’ve observed while attending various festivals that they tend to stress community vigorously, while my experience in church has been that community is often superficial. I’ve also noticed that many counter culture folks are closely attuned to the nature and flux of the times they find themselves in, while the church has often been too detached to be relevant within the society all around it. To be missional, we must walk within the culture of those we mean to reach. And while I believe in good doctrine, much of ours is emphasized poorly; and we certainly have had too many charismatic gurus. I go to festivals as one of them; I can see where they are reflecting Kingdom principles and can encourage those things; I can see where Christ is relevant to their longings and can present Him as such. I love these warm, intensely sincere, strange people. Send me to them! I do have the heart of Jesus for them!  And as always, if there’s anything I can do for you – dream interpretation, spirit cleansing – let me know. I offer them at no charge; donate if you wish, but it’s not required. I work by phone, Skype, FB Messaging, and in person.

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