Outreaches Approaching! Help!

IMG_1332Welcome readers. Next month (February) officially begins my formal outreach ministry for 2015. I’ll be traveling to North Carolina to minister at the Raleigh Body Mind Spirit Expo, a New Age event. I thought I’d share one story and a few testimonials from some people we ministered to the last time I was there.

“Katie” came to see us and addressed [one of the team members], telling her that she had seen her from a distance and knew [she] could help her. “Katie” told us she had been psychic from an early age and needed some direction for her life. Each of us on the team were immediately aware of the intense burden of pain she was carrying. There was so much emotion inside of her, but she had it locked behind thick walls. Each of us ministered to her hurts, apologizing on behalf of those who had let her down and injured her in her life, and speaking affirmation of who she was and how she had been created. Katie softened, letting her guard down somewhat. There were wet eyes all around as the ministry touched more and more instances of hurt. I hoped that Katie would break down and weep because of the release that would happen if she did. She never did, but she did let us in a little with tears in her own eyes. She made a space inside her walls for us, and we were all honored by her acceptance of us. I pray the encounter took her a long way down the road to healing, and to finding a relationship with her Creator.

Here are some testimonials by some we ministered to, in their own words (I corrected spelling. I couldn’t help myself).

“Thank you, Dan, Hope and Dennis for helping me today. I feel like God lead me here to you today. I feel inspired and blessed by everything you told me today. I will stay strong and keep listening to what God wants me to do. I hope we can keep in touch.” (I am good friends with this person now, and she is strong for Jesus!)

“This was a wonderful visit. I feel I know what my dream means now. I am very refreshed with the spiritual cleansing I received.”

“This has been an extraordinary experience.”

“Thank you so much for providing me with such great wisdom and insight…I appreciate the blessing as well and felt truly in touch with the Spirit throughout our session. I hope to see you again and learn even more.”

“Dear Miracle Dream readers: Thank you so very much for understanding and laying out the meaning of my dream. I am hopeful this will open up the beginning of my life from this stage on and assist me with giving more of myself to others and finding my purpose.”

“What I felt instantly among y’all was RESPECT. By asking consent for any and all blessings, you made me feel an agent who knew what was in my heart. Often psychics/intuitives have a bossy holier than thou attitude, but I felt empowered and adjusted to. I didn’t realize the release I needed to feel from my father, but that was all the more reason I needed to let go and address the issues around him and his influence. Thank you for gifting me with what I denied even needing.” (One reason we are so successful is the culture of honor we cultivate. No one ever goes away feeling they were caught in a hard sell. Everything is by consent of the one being ministered to)

“Thank you for being a light and witnessing to the light of Christ in my life, and blessing me so that I can be God’s blessing to others.”

“The kindness and love being spread by the people here is so immense I hope the whole world receives such a blessing.”

” I had a wonderful and insightful [encounter with your team]. They were warm and very informative. Because of their guidance I had to re-think my purpose for visiting this expo. They were confirmation for the Holy Spirit and delivered the message in a loving way. Thanks a lot!” We regularly minister to Christians who are so desperate for genuine spiritual connection, which they have despaired of finding in church, that they go looking elsewhere. It is very satisfying to be able to teach these folks how to commune with God in tangible ways)

“Feelings of love and joy and relief. Thankfulness of Father’s continued grace for myself and all of creation. May each one continue to ‘go deeper’ in Father.”

“What sweet heart songs of surrender are ushered forth from a heart that has heard its Creator’s message. I am eternally grateful for your receptivity to Creator and am in turn cracked open a little. I feel cared for, thank you.”

“For years I begged for my mom to love me. On Feb. 25 _____, I met with your pastoral team who ministered and prayed for me and my niece. God answered my prayers as only He does – through His own. May God bless you indeed! I came by your booth today to thank you for apologizing on behalf of my mother asking I somehow find it in my heart to forgive you. You have touched my life in such a dramatic way that I will never be the same.”

“How totally refreshing to encounter humans who understand my thoughts, dreams, and essential nature! Thank you, Kelly, Brian and Dennis! I’ll take your interpretations with me on my ongoing search for my Creator and Sustainer.”

This, and every encounter that occurs in expos and festivals like this one make it very clear how important it is for the Body of Christ to go to these events to minister to the crushed, the abused, the broken hearted, and those who are simply seeking. And people ARE seeking – People go to these events precisely because they are seeking. They’re seeking meaning for their lives in tumultuous times, and many of them feel that they are not going to find it in church. I know this, because they tell us so. They wonder where the power is, and are going to sources other than the church out of stark hunger. When believers encounter us, they’re relieved to find that what they are looking for IS available for them too, within their own faith. Those who do not call themselves Christians are surprised to find themselves hearing God’s voice for themselves. They are, in almost every case, less resistant to Jesus after an encounter with us. many eagerly announce to us that they are determined to know this God who obviously cares about them. Some make on-the-spot commitments to Jesus.
Those of us who attend such events do so at great expense to ourselves, financially, time-wise, often taking time off work, and sacrificing time at home with loved ones to meet the needs of a desperately hurting world, following Jesus to the places we see Him going. Most of us are frustrated by the events we CAN’T go to, usually because of a lack of financial resources, possibly more than any other factor. It breaks my heart that so many churches, and church people, frown on this type of ministry. The field is so ripe, and there is so much potential fruit out there! And we’re excited to be making plans to return to many of the same festivals this year. Burning Man has always been the biggest one, and we will, Lord willing return there this year, complete with an art project designed to cause interaction between festival goers and God. But this year, we want to take it overseas as well.

So Phil and I have made plans to go to Wales and England in May and June (and possibly July) to do outreach at various festivals, including Burning Nest (a Burning Man offshoot in Wales), a philosophy and music fest (also in Wales),  the summer solstice celebration at Stonehenge, where there is a 4 day festival and really excellent opportunity for prophetic evangelism. We have our Burning Nest tickets, and reservations at the solstice festival campground and the philosophy fest bought and paid for. One need  that I have is transportation there and back to the U.S. So I’m looking for someone who has Delta Sky Miles to donate. My ministry partner, Phil, needs American air miles. If you can help either of us get there, contact us at: http://www.salemgathering.com, or reply here.

You can also donate here: http://www.salemgathering.org/donate

Include my name (Dennis Huxley) or Festival Missions in the comment box.

The smallest gift is hugely appreciated, because we just cannot do this important work without you. Help this ministry grow!

And please, follow this blog!

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