“Pallet”-able Mission

IMG_1842I was blessed to be a part of my city’s New Year’s Eve celebration on Wednesday. This was a family friendly event held in the late afternoon/ early evening at the Old Town Hall. Phil had a great idea for an interactive art project after the same general idea as the ones he has created at Burning Man. See, we like to build these weird looking structures, but the structures aren’t the art. They’re designed to have people interact with them, and THAT is the art. Phil brought Burning Man to Salem! That’s way cool, you know.

So we arranged twelve old pallets in two semi-circles, with twelve more on top of those to make a structure looking sort of like a corral nearly eight feet high. It was called “The Palette Of Your Life”. It was a calendar, representing the twelve months with the four seasons; a clock, with the twelve hours, and the four compass points. People, including children, were encouraged to write things on strips of colored paper and staple the strips to the pallets, or to just write on the old wood with markers. They wrote their resolutions, their hopes for the new year, things they wanted to leave behind with the old year, etc. This led, as we had hoped, to conversations about life with people. I personally walked one couple through some forgiveness issues and through identifying lies they had come to believe about themselves, replacing the lies with truth. There were lots of other activities going on; live music, hula-hoops, face painting, balloons, etc. The building was packed. It was incredibly noisy. It was awesome fun!IMG_1826

I can anticipate based on experience many of my fellow believers asking, why should the church involve itself in such activities? My answer is, because I love this city and I love its people. I am pleased to bless them and to serve them. I love to create opportunities that lead to meaningful interaction with people. I love to be present when they are thinking and talking about things that matter to them. And I think Godly love is reason enough. Don’t you?

The city, and the people, loved our art project. They were impressed with the structure, which is nice, but what is really important is they saw the value in the actual art, which, as I said, was THEIR interaction with it. Without that, it was just a pile of old pallets.
Thank you, City of Salem, for your confidence and favor toward us. It’s a pleasure working with you.

IMG_1837We want to do similar things at festivals all over the world. We want to provoke meaningful dialogue about temporal and eternal things. We want to show and impart to people the Kingdom of Heaven and its principles.
If you’d like to hear about our foolish adventures, please, feel free to “follow” this blog, and also check out any or all of Phil Wyman’s blogs. Here’s a good place to start: http://burningreligion.com

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