Dangerous? Damn right it’s dangerous!

461756My title comes from a fairly well known (although I’ve forgotten his name) shootist and gun advocate. A journalist had suggested that the man’s six shooter, which had been outfitted with a hair trigger, was dangerous, to which the man replied with the words I’ve chosen for my title.

I wrote a blog post yesterday to which I included a link in a comment I made to a friend’s Facebook post. My friend’s post and my blog post both addressed the divisiveness in our country today. A third gentleman weighed in, taking issue with my friend’s urge to “close the divide”, and with my suggestion that we could all afford to “bend” a little in the interest of loving one another. This gentleman thinks these suggestions might be “dangerous”. He also suggested that my logic was “warm and fuzzy”. I’m not sure how something can be both dangerous and warm and fuzzy, but, hey, I can’t mull over everything.

Yes! What I’m suggesting IS dangerous!

These are REALLY perilous times, which anyone who has looked out his window probably knows. Since the man talked about Jesus not bending, I assume he is a Christian, and I’m aware of this mindset in the Church. Where did Christians ever get the notion that following Jesus is safe? Even our children’s literature doesn’t make that mistake (see C.S. Lewis’, Chronicles of Narnia). Read some biographies, for heaven’s sake! Life is dangerous, Christian life notoriously so. People in most other parts of the world, Christian or not, take that fact for granted.

But just to make my position more clear, let me say that I have no intention of compromising my beliefs, including my conservative beliefs, for the sake of peace. I love peace. I want peace. I crave peace. But not at any cost.

Instead, I have made up my mind to compromise, even lay aside totally, as much ideology as possible in order to love my neighbor. A little late in coming, maybe, but I finally got here. Jesus thought this was kind of important. Could there be dire consequences to this? Yeah. So the gentleman was right. It is dangerous.

That’s why I included a call to Courage.

In case you haven’t noticed, people today collectively are afraid.

Have you ever had to rescue a person from drowning? Or perform rescue breathing on anyone? Taken in foster children? Are you a first responder, or do you know someone who is? Loving your neighbor can be dangerous.

Whatever the consequences to loving my neighbor might be, I don’t see a way around it. If I lose everything in my endeavor to obey the second greatest commandment, I can live with it – or die with it (I was using my best Clint Eastwood impression for that last line, which isn’t all that good, by the way).

I haven’t done a very good job of loving my neighbor up to this point. For a follower of Jesus, this will not do. So I’m repenting, asking for forgiveness, and the grace to obey. I hope, if you’re reading this, Christian or not, you will join me.

(Yesterday’s blog post, to which I’ve alluded, is titled, “Peace On Earth..”. To read it, click on the title in the right hand column)

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